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Join our community of Catholic Fraternal Life members and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our reliable insurance options.

Member Benefits

When a product is purchased from Catholic Fraternal Life, the insured becomes a CFL member.  CFL offers a very unique opportunity for families.  Not only do we provide safe, secure and affordable life and annuity products, we also offer opportunities for involvement in programs and projects which have a positive influence in the family and community.

Members are welcome to join local councils in their communities.  These individual councils, with financial and administrative assistance from the home office, volunteer their time and talents, and organize activities that will make a difference.

The following benefits are available to all members at no cost:

Catholic Fraternal Life High School Scholarship 

CFL awards twenty (20) $2,000 Catholic High School Scholarships each year.  Applicants must be a member in good standing. 

Applicants must also be an incoming Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior enrolled in a Catholic High School.  All applications must be submitted and postmarked by either June 30th or December 31st. If an application is submitted prior to the June deadline and is not chosen to receive one of our scholarships, the same application will qualify for the December deadline. However, a new application must be submitted every June.  

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Catholic Fraternal Life College Scholarship 

CFL awards (10) $1000 College/Trade School scholarships.  Applicants must be a member in good standing.  Applicants must be enrolled in a College/Trade School when applying.  The deadline for the College Scholarship is June 30th.

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Church Grant Program

Three times a year (March, June and September), the Society selects one project to receive a Church Grant in the amount of $3000. Members can nominate their Parish by providing a brief description of the church project or ministry that they would like to see funded.
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Bernard J Lengerman Compassionate Hands Program

Past CFL President and CEO, Bernard J Lengerman was passionate about St. Vincent DePaul and was always helping people with their utility bills, prescription drugs and delivering food to those in need. In his honor we created the" Bernard J Lengerman Compassionate Hands Program" to continue his mission and his love of helping people. With that in mind, CFL members may nominate their local or parish St. Vincent DePaul Society to receive a one-time $500 donation to help those in need or to purchase food for their SVDP Food Pantry. One parish will be chosen each month. Please complete the application and send to the office. You will be notified if you have been chosen!

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Emergency Medical Alert Benefit

Benefit Members of CFL are eligible to receive an emergency medical alert bracelet at no cost. The medical emergency emblem is on one side and the health problem is engraved on the other side of this valuable life-saving bracelet. Call (800) 240-2554 for more information.

Orphan Benefit

This benefit provides a monthly financial allowance for orphaned children of Catholic Fraternal Life members. The allowance, as determined by the Catholic Fraternal Life Board, is payable to the eligible orphaned child through age 18. Either the child or the deceased parent(s) must be a member of the Society.

Newborn Benefit

This benefit provides a $2,000 death benefit to the insured parent(s) if their newborn child dies within 60 days of their birth.

ScriptSave Presciption Benefit

CFL recognizes the fact that there are a number of individuals who have no prescription discount card. Therefore, ScriptSave is available at no cost to all CFL members to defray the cost of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. In addition, ScriptSave has a Wellness Center which provides medical information and screenings at no cost. Learn more.

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